What is the real time use of Set Web Attribute?

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Can someone kindly explain when exactly we use Set Web Attribute ? According to what I understand for fine tuning selectors we can pass some value to any selector attribute using variable.

Then when do we use Set Web Attribute ?

Sets the value of an attribute on the specified element. If the attribute already exists, the value is updated.

You can use it while automating Web Applications, to set/update attribute value as per requirement

@kkpatel Sometimes in cases where you cannot use Select Item Activity to Select a Dropdown element, you can use Set Web Attribute and set the attribute value such as “aaname” or “innertext” or “name” attributes to their respective values needed.

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But let say i am using Select Item activity. Then it has its own selector where the attributes with values are present. In this case suppose i am using Set Web Attribute above select item and setting the attribute value how will it reflect the same in the Select item activity ?

When it will come to the select item activity it will check its own selector right ? How does it matter what have we set in the Set Web Attribute activity ?

did you find any answwer for that?