What is the purpose of trim text activity in uipath?

In uipath whether this activity removes only blank space or even special character can also be removed? if yes can anyone tell how?
sample text " Call me once you’re available ** "
i need to remove **

yes you can String_op.Trim("*"c)

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Hi @naveenkumarr

Trim removes only blanks.
Trim → Remove blanks from the start and end of a string.
TrimStart → Removes the blanks from the start of string
TrimEnd → Removes the blanks from the end of string.

To remove the ** you can use replace function.

Or you can use Regex using the activity Matches in UiPath

Some helpful videos for your issue:
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Video 3: UiPath | Split Word to Chars | How to split word / string to chars | Regex | Get characters of word - YouTube
Video 4: UiPath | Split Words | Split String | Split Function in UiPath | Get Words from String | Strings - YouTube

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But it will trim the end of the text if you want to trim all the special carecator you have to use Replace method you asking Why it simple trim means it will trim end or starting you cant able to trim in the middle so use replace method is very helpful to you trim the special careactor String_op.replace("*","") or you can use REGEX for the replace any special caractor

Chethan P

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" Call me once you’re available ** ".trim({" "c,"*"c})


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