What is the Purpose of Chrome (browser) Extensions

Greetings. I have used UI Studio Community to created a process that logs into a website with chrome, grabs information, then closes the browser. I noticed there is a Chrome Extension for UI Path, but, I cannot find out what it is for. I have seen posts/documents on installing and troubleshooting and workarounds, but nothing that tells me what it is used for.

Thanks in advance.

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If we want to work with chrome browser then we need to install extension. Then only UIpath will identify elements on the screen.

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Buddy @sagacity
Only If the chrome extensions is enabled for uipath , we can access files and elements in both normal and incognito window, else we wont be able to access them
Thats why we need chrome extension to enabled for uipath
Cheers @sagacity

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@sagacity - Chrome Browser Extension is something like the Chrome Browser gets Adaptive with UiPath Tool which would help to automate the process through Chrome Browser.

If Chrome Extension is added then you will see an UiPath icon on top right corner of Chrome Browser.

Extension is mainly for automation compatibility makes ease with the respective application.


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@lakshman and @Palaniyappan - It seems this can be done without it. Unless I am missing something, I was able to do this without installing the extension.

I guess I can install it and see what the difference is (indeed, maybe I’m doing it wrong, even though it worked, it might have been done improperly.)

Thanks for quick responses - Cheers!


Thanks, @AnandKumar26 - it definitely seems like from what is being said that it gives additional features that I didn’t know were missing.