What is the minimum amount of files for a UI Path Studio process project?

References for this question are the following:

From those references, I could conclude that the only files that are needed for the project to be processed by UI Path are project.json and Main.xaml. I was wondering whether there are any edge cases, where there needs to be more files than these for me to just create a ZIP archive and send it to someone else? (Note: From the Basic Automation example provided by UI Path has a screenshots folder for display images, but in a case where there are no images in a project, I suppose this is not necessary.)

Provide me with any information you can. Thank you for spending time on answering/reading!


  • Yes for a basic automation you need only Main.xaml and Project.json. But when it is lengthy process it is best practice to create chunks of code in multiple workflows. In this case you will have different files. Definitely you can zip the whole project and send to some one

  • When coming to the images folder, UiPath automatically creates it, to save the image when you select an element in an application. So, you need not to worry about this folder

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When you say more files, you mean more process aka. .xaml files, correct? If not, can you give me an example on what those files could be?

@Bence_Domokos Yes those are also .xaml files

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@Bence_Domokos For better understanding lets say I have a use case where the bot logins to application and download file . In this process we can create different xaml files

  • Login Application.xaml - To login the application
  • Flie Download.xaml - To download the file
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