What is the maximum page limit of OCR Engines embedded with UiPath Studio

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Please let me know what is the maximum limit of pages be processes using embedded OCR Engines (Google, Microsoft Engine, Abby).

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Do you found any issue with the PDF having multiple pages? @amitbhatt55

No limit as far as I know :slight_smile:.

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Hi @HareeshMR , This is the proactive check to ensure that we dont get into trouble and surprise our client with additional license cost.

I don’t think that will cost additional cost as if you have enterprise edition, you will get the maximum things that can be done as far as I know

@loginerror , Could you please suggest something here?

Hi @amitbhatt55

I don’t recall any topics here on the Forum that would mention any reasonable rate limitations, so I would assume you should not worry about it.

I would have to confirm that to be sure though.

Maybe @DeanMauro would know :slight_smile:


I haven’t worked on those packages so I can’t say for sure, but don’t believe there are rate limits. The cloud versions of the activities do have limits, but those are determined by your subscription.


Thanks @DeanMauro. No worries.

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Hi all,

Any updates on this question?

I have a similar scenario now where only first 6 pages are been read so I’d like to know if any news about this?..

Could you maybe provide some context about your process? Which activities seem to be rate limiting you as of now?

Hi @loginerror, This is resolved long back. UiPath Studio embedded OCR Engines are not having any page limit.

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Thanks for coming back. In that case, @MARIODC feel free to start a new topic where you can summarize your particular use-case and what is being limited :slight_smile:

@amitbhatt55 UiPath Document OCR has a page limit of 50 pages per hour and your data is transferred to UiPath. For more pages and an enterprise server, an additional license is required.

Hi @loginerror,

Thx for your response. Following your request find below the URL for the post I made. I think I used ‘Question’ this time so not sure if that caused any difference from previous post to make it more visual for everyone.

•Context: we’re using Document Understanding framework to read a 50 pages or so PDF.
-The OCR engine (digitize section) does not go any further than page 6!
-It just stops reading the rest, How do we know? (see ‘Steps taken’)
•Steps taken - comments:
-In Debug mode using a ‘Break point’ (a few steps after PDF has been Digitized) we checked
the String of Text made as a result from ‘Digitize’ section and does not have all the info
expected from the DOC.
-We tried with a smaller PDF (2 pages) and we get all the info on that String as expected.

-Weird isn’t it?
-So we already open a ticket with the guys from Enterprise support (waiting response), we’ve
been checking post on the forum as usual but is never bad to get as much feedback/ideas as
we can.
-Unfortunately, we can’t share the doc because confidentiality
-The page where it stop is almost ‘Blank’ and then it continues with pages with regular info again
on it (in case it helps)

Current post: Here

Feel free to send any thoughts on the ‘Current Post’!

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