What is the ideal way of creating libraries?


I am new to UiPath. I just wanted to ask what is the ideal way of creating libraries? Is it per use case or I can create a library the can contain all the possible things I can encounter when creating a project? Will this affect the speed of my project(a library with multiple dependencies and custom activities/library)?

Is it better to create ACME library where all tasks/activites are related to ACME on that library

or 1 library containing Excel, ACME, RpaChallenge tasks/activities?

My plan is to create a library that can possibly contain all the things I can encounter and make things easier for me. (logging in, logging out, excel trim column name, etc.) but im not quite sure if it will make all of my future automations slower because of installing this package/custom library.


Basically, libraries are created with future projects in mind, for example a library will be a reusable workflow in other projects, for example site logins, navigation within sites, all kinds of workflows that are tentatively candidates to be reused in other projects.


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hello id like to know if adding this library to a project would affect the performance of the bot/project? Because I’ve stumbled upon a tutorial saying since a library consists of multiple dependencies its best to remove unused dependencies for faster performance.

in every project that we develop, remove the unused dependecies will be a good practice to apply, no matters if the projects is a sequence or library etc, we should remove all of them and just keep the used dependencies. Library won’t affect the project perfomance, just remember to publish then in the orchestrator if you will move to production environment

For example if you run the analyze file it will retrieve you a warning in case that you dont delete the unused depencies


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