What is the Find Relative Element activity used for?

I’m newbie, i have a question
What is the Find Relative Element activity used for?
Give me an example, please!
My English is very bad
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Hi @sonmv13194,

Check the below link.

Thank you but i saw that
I don’t understand!
Can you give me an example?

Hi Sonmv13194,

Talking particularly about Find element, it stops running of the workflow until special condition is met.

Imagine, you are using UiPath for an automation assignment wherein you open a URL in a browser, enter some data in it and there is a textbox, OnSetFocus of which Datepicker loads. You might have to wait for Datepicker to appear on the screen (may be for couple of seconds or so). So in such case, you can try using “Find element” till Datepicker loads (it will get the cursor in textbox and then wait for DatePicker to load).

Hope you find the explanation useful.



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Thank you so much

I have the same question…anybody who is able to provide an example please… I am clear about Find Element but not Find Relative Element.


When we won’t get reliable selector for an element then will use Find Relative Element Activity to identify particular element with respect to the Fixed element.

For Example, There is a label and Text box. Here, we have to type some text into the text box and UIpath is not able to identify it but label field is fixed and UIpath able to identify it. Then in this case we will use Find Relative Element Activity and will indicate that lable field and then will type some text into Text box.

Hi lakshman,

Got it…but when I drag and drop a Find Relative Element activity, there is a one indicate on screen.When I click and point it to the label, the target selector is getting populated. Using the OffsetX and offsetY, I can give the rectangle I am looking for the text field in your example to type in.but where to configure the text field details we are looking for inside that rectangle? Dont we have to tell UiPath that we are at least looking for at least a textBox?

Thanks a lot!


Realized that the Output of Find Relative Element activity is a type of UiElement. So the activity will return any control found in that rectangle and then we have to pass that variable in to TypeInto Activity? is that the case?


See this.


Thanks a lot…Found what I was looking for! the video is cool! When I was not using recording, and when I manually drag the activity it didn’t show me the pop-up to select the target.Thats why got confused.


Thank you @lakshman.
So Basically, Find Relative Element activity looks for X and Y Offset of the indicated element. We just need to find the static element on the screen and accordingly find the X and Y offset of other dynamic/unstable elements. Result output of the activity is UiElement, so we just have to use the resulted element either in Clicking or Type Into…