What is the fastest way to copy data from an excel sheet to another one?

Hi Everyone!

I am having 2 datatables now: dtResult4 and dtResult5.

dtResult4 includes a huge number of row items but I only want to copy some of the columns in dtResult4 to a new blank excel sheet called dtResult5.

Could anyone share the fastest method with a demonstration?
Either like Assign Activity or For each row?

Many thanks. :grinning:

Could anyone please help me?

I am now using the assign function under for each row activity in dtResult5.

Let Row.item(“Staff ID”) = dtResult4.rows.item(“Staff ID”).ToString

However, it is not working. May I know where is the problem please?


please, try using Add Data Row activity)



Try with Filter Data Table activity. In filter configuration set output columns.


Thanks, both. I will try both methods and see which is the better solution for me.

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