What is the fastest and simplest way to unspam emails in gmail?

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Is there a way to automate the unspam action of an email went to the spam folder in gmail ?

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Yeah ofcourse we can use Move IMAP Mail message activity to move your Spam folder mails to your desired folder.

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I would like more details please on the Move IMAP Mail message activity

Is this activity when applied equivalent to pressing the unspam button in gmail ?

Because I want gmail to record that the user unspammed that email to improve sender reputation to the one who sent it, do you know what I mean ?

Basically that Report not spam button is the action I want to perform, I want to click that button so that gmail records that information and the sender gets better sending reputation

Can you double confirm to me please if the move IMAP Mail message is doing that action of reporting not as spam to move emails out of the spam folder ? Or if the emails are only moved to another folder but still considered to be spam emails by gmail ?

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Well not exactly this move mail will simply move the mails from specified source folder to the mention destination folder

That’s right

But we can prevent the mails getting marked as spam with Gmail setting itself like

  1. Avoid Phishing Phrases and Spam Trigger Words.
  2. Ensure that you’re Compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act.
  3. Set up a Whitelist.
  4. Include a Text-Only version of your Email.
  5. Utilize Spam Checkers.
  6. Ensure that Email Authentication is enabled.
  7. Get your name off a Blacklist.

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If someone has built a program to efficiently activate that Report not spam button for an email that went to the spam folder please share it to me, thank you

That we can do with UiPath Activities like CLICK activity but that can be done only if the gmail application is opened in foreground of the screen

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yes on the front end, not in the backend unfortunately, how do I mark your post as a solution please ? And thank you very much also :wink:


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