What is the different those product?

Can anyone explain or details what the different those items. So we can decide what type of options best for our company.

These are the categories, there are more options available including citizen option for studio in it.

Suggest you to contact sales for a better understanding and proceedings. below document shows the product with details.

Contact Sales - RPA Business Process Strategy | UiPath

Think Automation First (uipath.com)

Primary option:
Choose Automation Team (4 Attended robots and Action center available compare to other 2 items) for small company/team)
Secondary option : Choose unattended automation Pack(Small teams)
If your are individual/freelancer -choose Automation Developer

is there any option where no need to install uipath.exe and run bot from cloud.
Is that until required uipathstudio exe?

You can run robots without Studio.
But you need to install UiRobot without UiStudio .

Select UiRobot only–Yellow mark in image

That’s means at least one machine or server required for bot and can’t use cloud directly , right ??? we searching for cloud features where no required pc for setup there .