What is the difference between installin a Robot as "Register as Window Service" and "User Mode"?

Installer(.exe or .msi): msi

License type(Free, Trial/License code): Licensed

Studio/Robot version: Robot version 19.7.0

Current behavior:


We installed an unattended Robot only on a Window server 2016 machine and were able to license it. We don’t have orchestrator and used CE studio to develop UiPath process. Below are the steps we used to launch our UiPath process.
1. Select the process under the “AVAILABLE PROCESS” from the Robot Tray.
2. Click the start button.

My question is : these are the same steps I used to execute the “User Mode” Robot on my laptop which has CE studio and Robot installed. So what is the advantage that we installed a Robot as “Register as Window Services” on server machine? Or there is another better way to execute the Robot on the server machine? What is the difference between the “Register as Window Service” Robot and “User Mode” Robot?

Also after the process is executed, “NO PROCESS AVAILABLE” in the Robot Tray, we have to quit the Robot tray first, then launch a new Robot Tray in order to make the process available on the Robot Tray again. This thing happens on both Robots, Is this normal?

This is kind urgent issue and I very appreciate your help.

Hi @mjh

Check this for ur reference

Ashwin S