What is the difference between Apps and RDA?

Is App going to be the new way of building attended bot (replacing the RDA forms)? Or will they coexist?

What are the pros and cons of using Apps vs. RDA if coexist?


@charlotte.fan ,

I am not sure about RDA, but Apps is something which enables enterprise application to be developed in low cost and less time with NO code. you can drag and drop the control and design pages and implement rules.

Apps can be used to capture the data , Update data, Start process and many mores. you can host Apps into Any Application by using Iframe or HTML.


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RDA is a subset of RPA. While RPA means one can automated all types of applications on different platforms, Desktop, Web and mobile, RDA refers to an RPA that automates just desktop applications. Not sure why RDA became its own term these days. May be just another buzz word to put people off temporarily by throwing new buzz words at them.

IMHO, buzz words must be eradicated, especially when people create them without any specific significance and create them for the sake of creating.