What is the Condition property in Parallel for?

What is the Condition property in Parallel for?
I set the condition to both True and False and the sequence in parallel is still executed.


Hi @Aleksey_M

Parallel activity mostly work with invoke workflow activities. It allows you to run multiple workflows simultaneously during the idle times of each. So if you have a parallel activity all the items there will be executed. However, the workflow that is assigned in the parallel activity can have a input argument which specify whether to execute a set of tasks or not depending on your scenario…

For more info on parallel activity go through this link

Thanks, Lahiru.Fernando
But here I did not find the answer to my question.
If the Condition in Parallel is false, then the activity in Parallel is still executed. Why?

You need to look through the forum more

For example, if you use 2 parallel activities and want to stop both of them when one finishes faster, you set a variable and change that condition
Like a break in while for parallel activites if you like

please give an example of how to do this…

Example for parallel activities in this post - Parallel activity example - #16 by ParasTripathi