What is the best way to upload a document from the local machine

what is the best way to upload a document from the local machine. Should we give the path to an activity and how to choose multiple attachments

Yes, you can use the path to the document for the most ease in uploading the data to various services.

To upload multiple, you would create an array of filepaths and iterate over them in a For Each loop, repeating the upload process for each one.

@Anthony_Humphries is there any activity like upload or select which shall be used along with the path to upload

There is not. Uploading depends on the application to which you upload the data.

On the application i clicked on upload button using click and the local path opens up. I need to select a file in that folder.

Then, if i have to use a path, should i use it with type into or which activity as per my previous question.

Yes, you can use Type Into to specify the path, and then click the button to submit the upload. This will save steps where you would otherwise have to navigate to the folder.


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