What is the best way to handle abbreviation?

As you can see on the screenshot below I have a list of streets and buildings: abbreviations and numbers.

A logic that compares addresses but there are some parts that is abbreviated like Road = Rd
or Street

For example I have 2 input and wanted to compare

Input 1 : 305 Longernecker Road
Input 2 : 305 Longernecker Rd

Output : True → since Rd = Road

Input 1 : 305 Big Street
Input 2 : 305 Big St

Output: True

Thanks for any help and idea. Appreciated.

You can have your Words/Abbreviations in a Datatable.

Loop through this datatable, and inside for each use “YourString”.Replace(“OldValue”,“NewValue”)

Another way is to perform all Replaces in one line e.g.

Input1 = Input1.Replace(“Avenue”,“Ave”).Replace(“Boulevard”,“Blvd”).Replace(“Building”,“Bldg”)…

After you have converted one of your inputs, you just need to compare them:


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Hi @AhmedKutraphali

Paste those Words and Abrevations in the Config file and check the logic in the attached zipfile.
TestProject.zip (3.4 KB)

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Hi @AhmedKutraphali,

I have Abbreviation info in this excel:
AddrAbbre.xlsx (11.3 KB) Added 3 rows. Please add others if required

HandleAddrAbbreviation.xaml (8.4 KB)

Pass your input 2 variable to this xaml and Test it.


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