What is the best way to go through a dropdown list and click the required item

Hi, I have a country (e.g. Germany) and I need to select it in a dropdown list. Unfortunately searching with keys is not possible. How could I do that? Thank you
Edit: I had to create a table to first convert the country names in the abbreviations, so I can use the type activity to find it.

Just use select item activity

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I recommend taking a look over these forums threads:

Basically, a Click Activity with Simulate Click or a Type Into / Select Item Activity are the usual solutions, but you can find more info on those forum threads.


Hi @Jizh, you have many ways to achieve it

1 - Use click image (image recognition) and grab just the text of your desired country (you just can do this if you want to select always the same country)

2 - Other way to do it, is click the list, and then type the name of the country. Doing that, the most sure is what you will move through the desired country.

3 - Also, you can click de list, and send “Down” Hotkeys untill reach the desired country, or combine both of them. I mean, if you are searching for Germany: 1) Click list. 2)Type “G” 3)Send “X” down hotkeys. 4) Send enter hotkey

You have to try and find the best solution.

Have a great day.

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Thank you for the replies, I will go through the options.
@albert.yango That would have been convenient but unfortunately it doesn’t work in my case.

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You are welcome @Jizh

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