What is the best way to create custom classes for RPA Clients?

There are certain times where it is beneficial to create my own classes of objects to represent and manipulate the data that I am utilizing in the process.

Is there any plan to provide support to compile any .cs or .vb files in the project directory during the debug compile/packing? This would vastly decrease the entry cost of enabling clients to create more granular custom libraries.

I recently had a process where one of the data points was best represented as a recursively nested object and this was very difficult to parse without being able to create my own classes with Studio.

I eventually just decided to use Visual Studio to code the entire data logic as its own class, package it ON EVERY BUILD, and import it into UiPath before running the robot to debug it.

There needs to be a better way to develop than requiring me to manually increment the version of the package, build and pack it in Visual Studio, and then import it into UiPath Studio before running any sort of test or workflow.

Send Help.

@YashBrahmbhatt have you tried Data Service? This allows you to create custom classes that map to your needs.


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I have not! I will look into it. Thank you :slight_smile:

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