What is the best way to create a report with custom company data for jobs?

Hi guys,

we have automation cloud in the company with the whole package including Insights.
We have some data we need for each process / job we need to report for billing.

For example the cost center, documentation link, Cost type, location code, golive date.

The only thing we figured out yet is to add log fields to the process. So in every log we see these fields and can create a report from in insights.

This has big downsides:

For starters it is a lot of work for each project, creating 8 assets for dev and 8 assets for prod, import the assets inside the studio project, add it to the add log field actitvity etc etc.

Is there another way to achieve this we are not thinking about right now? For example with tags or anything else, optimally where I won’t put code inside of the studio proejct itself?

If you have further questions or I’m making not much sense please let me know :smiley:


Instead of adding those assets always and using…include them in a project and save it as template…so that it need not be redone always…and by default the values would be added


Hi @ShadowDom

Instead of modifying the process itself, you can leverage the Custom Job Data feature in UiPath Automation Cloud. This feature allows you to define custom fields and values at the job level, which can be used for reporting purposes. You can define fields such as cost center, documentation link, cost type, location code, and go-live date as custom job data. This data can be set when starting a job via the Orchestrator API or manually entered when triggering the job through Automation Cloud Portal. The custom job data can then be retrieved and used for reporting in Insights.


Hi @Nitya1 thx for reaching out!

Where do I find this feature exactly? Do you have a documentation link or something? Thx