What is the best tool to read Uipath execution logs

I’m looking for a best way to read UiPath logs ?
I’ve made use of notepad but it’s still not very clear.

Any best suggestions pls!!

We use LogExpert, it’s a pretty simple application that autoscrolls and can highlight various words/lines to make the logs easier to read.

There’s a lot of similar applications out there: 5 Ways To Monitor Log or Text File Changes in Real Time • Raymond.CC. If you google something like “real time log updates” or “log auto scrolling” you should see some other suggestions.

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You should try Notepad++ with JSTool plugin, that’s what I use. It’s a simple solution without installing another tool.

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How can we do using notepad++ ,can you please give some sample here how to achieve with step by step procedure.

Hi @ndivya!

Go to Plugins > Plugins Admin and search for JSTool and install it.

Whenever I want to look into the logs I follow the next steps:

  • open the execution log file
  • Select all text (or just the lines I want to look into)
  • Select Plugins > JSTool > JSFormat or press Ctrl + Alt + M
  • Select JSON or JS as language: Language > J > (JSON | JavaScript), the one that looks best for you.

JSON looks easier to read, but JavaScript lets you collapse each line.



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My log file is in below format: of tysample log.txt (1.7 KB) pe text file.

This step Select Plugins > JSTool > JSFormat or press Ctrl + Alt + M - i am not able to reach out.
while reading Uipath logs every time i need to follow above steps or it’s aone time task adding plug-in?

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Where are you getting those log files from?

That is not the format of the Execution.log created by the Robots

Yes,those are the logs creted by UIpath Studio when ever we run a BOT. It is not from Orchestrator.

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Just to make sure we’re talking about the same, you are checking the logs from this path:

yes correct

What’s your version?

I’ve never seen UiPath’s execution logs like that before.

It’s 2019.4 version.whether reading logs will vary based on version as well?

That’s actually really strange!

Do you think it will be possible to have a call tomorrow, so you can share your screen and I can check it first handed?

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Hi @nerlichman ,
Could you please hint on this, how to get to plugins> plugins admin… and then to install JSTool?
I was trying to opt for that solution of yours

Hi @Neha_Kumari1,

Sorry for the delay, here are the steps:



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No worries @nerlichman
Thanks for this detailed showcase…

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Thank you sooooooooooooooo much, this works great!