What is the best practice to give a file path ?environment variable? from config?

what is the best practice of giving a file path in process xaml 1.environment variable path to the current directry ?? or reading the file path from config file??

Config File is the go to way for this because the file can be edited from anywhere and can be used for multiple bots by storing the file/database in a central/shared repository. If we use Environment variables then the variable will have to be created for every robot machine. Alternatively, you can store the file directory in Orchestrator asset. Use “Per Robot” option if you want different robots to point to same asset but use different values.

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I did not understand your question.
But togive a file path Go to Advanced Properties in Windows.
Open Envirnment Variable Dialog. And Provide the value.
Look at this guide: https://www.hows.tech/2019/03/how-to-set-environment-variables-in-windows-10.html

Hello, we use to define a path for files generally in the config file. Also we use to name the path to the config file itself as an absolute path. The reason is simple: We can change values in the config “on the fly” without the need to have to do a new “publish”. For example we have a flag that defines to run the process in “debug mode” or not. Debug mode means that the unattended robot opens a skype session to a user that is named also in that config file and presents his desktop. So we can watch what the robot does or what happens at a time.