What is robot tray plz?

what is robot tray plz ?

If you have installed UiPath Studio with Robot, when you launch UiPath Robot application from your system/server, you will get Robot application UI that is called Robot Tray.
Robot Tray will contains list of Jobs ready to execute. for more info, please follow the link.


Hi @Soudios,

I will look like this, we call it as Uipath Robot as well as Robot Tray. It’s always attached start menu tray.

Facts in Uipath Robot:

  • Uipath Robot is used to connect and configure the orchestrator.
  • We can trigger the existing process in the orchestrator.
  • We can see, setup the log level of the process (Verbose, Trace, Information, Warning, Error, Critical, Off.)
  • If we need Orchestrator License, we need to configure the Uipath Robot, Without Uipath Robot, we can’t perform the automation process even the development too.
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