What is proof of concept and is there any template available?

I have an requirement where the bot needs to select the vendor based on random selection or round ribbon?

What will be the Proof of concept for this or what exactly we need to do here?

Hi @Varunkumar_Saikumar,

PoC is trying to solve the problem statement by producing a minimum workable product to prove that particular solution/software can solve the problem.

In this case, PoC would be to create an automation to prove that this requirement can be fulfilled with using UiPath RPA or not.

Difference between PoC and actual automation would be that in case of PoC,

  1. no emphasis required on best practices or naming conventions etc
  2. no focus on modularity
  3. proving the automation for a limited set of data

So, if this minimum workable automation works, PoC is considered successful.

And there is no specific template to do so. You can do it any way you find it quicker.