What is Payment Gateway?

I don’t know what is Payment gateway. please suggest me right payment gateway for my company. I have a software company.

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You should speak to sales@uipath.com alternatively you can speak to an implementation partner (hint hint).


Ok, what is Payment Gateway?
Maybe we’re using a different term, but I don’t recall that one being used in UiPath context.

Gotta love your words, they go away so quickly :skull_and_crossbones:

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Thanks Krishna, I’ve seen that before.

Let me ask differently:
What does choosing a payment gateway has to do with Uipath?
Also @rogermez - can you elaborate on what is the context behind your question?

UiPath is a robot software which does not know what is payment gate way. When a Developer try to create a financial transactions by making electronic payments like credit card payments then definitely the company or a person who is posting those financials transactions need a payment gate way to process the payments.

same actions can be captured in UiPath . …
Hope my inputs are useful :slight_smile:

It’s all fine, but I still don’t get what does it have to do with UiPath - I hardly doubt that “being easy to automate with robot” is a considerable requirement for a company to choose payment processor/gateway.

Let’s see what the OP has to say about it.