What is output of "Click Activity" to make some condition?

Hi all…
I have some case about this Click Activity, if get text that is output in there act but not in click act. This is the case :

  • I have 2 buttons here
  • Every button have one specific flowchart
  • In this case i want Click Button A to do A’s Flow and reverse of it
  • How condition i should make to call that every flow as button i click?

Hi @yosefgunawan
You have 2 buttons and once a button is clicked you want to do a sequence or flowchart right?

What do the buttons do?
If they navigate to a different url, just make a IF statement that if URL= A execute invoke workflow A. Else invoke workflow B.

Can you show a print screen of your buttons or share the code?

I’m not understanding the question that well, but if you can try using Element Exist which returns a boolean output or Find Element which returns the element that you can use in the Click activity. That is, if you are trying to check which button is available.

If you want to click both buttons, then simply create a flow chart for each button click, or if you want a shared flow chart for both, then use Invoke Workflow and provide it arguments specific to each button.