What is ObjectDisposedException?

The Scenario is like this.

masterDT - consist two cols (email, code)

This code is used to fetch some rows from the other table which also consist the code column.

In for each activity -

For each item in masterDT.AsEnumerable.Select(function (x) x(1).ToString)

send mail to - masterDT.AsEnumerable.Where(function (x) x(1).ToString.Equals(item)).Select(function (y) y(0).ToString))

the send mail activity throws error. Name couldn’t be recognized. While debugging I found that there is ObjectDisposedException.

What is this exception? When it occurs? How to remove this in my scenario?
Please provide the explanation in the context of my problem.

looks like the lambda for the where is not outputting a boolean

“)” was missing while writing. I have edited my post

we would recommend to share the case description with us:

  • what is to do
  • what is available

based on this we work out a suggestion