What is my UiPath version ? / what is difference?

My business using UiPath free and / non-free version.
However, I’m not sure about what is my version ?

anyone please teach me about my UiPath version.
and what is difference of those versions ?

I can develop my project , my bot and create trigger schedule in orchestrator for run it.
But I very confuse about UiPath License :
for Example my business purchased License for

  1. UiPath Unattended : Automatic run on trigger schedule ?
  2. UiPath Attended : Run via Manual Click ?
  3. UiPath Automation Developer : UiPath Studio ???
  4. UiPath Orchestrator : My topic discussing about this license ???

Actually , Saler explain my team about those license but I very confuse

Sorry for bother you and many questions in this week.

Thanksss. :sweat_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi @Hyde

The following docs might help you with your requirements:






Best Regards.

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If you see at the top of your scren …you can see that your plan is community version…

Community version is for learning purposes and to use them for building knowledge… here you cannot control upgrades

Free plan does not have studio license and only studio x can be used

If enterprise license is present then you would have more capabilities and support from UiPath team and etc…this is suitable for production runs and for actually using the products…upgrades and all can be controlled here

Unattended - robots which can be triggered feom orchestrator and can be run on remote machines
Attended - robots can be triggers from the user machine using UiPath assistant.

Automation developer - this is a license type which can be used to get the studio access and we can develop the robots

Orchestrator - this is a central unit where everything can be controlled any plan will have orchestrator but what capabilities are present in orchestrator is dependant on the license


Hope this helps



Thanks for reply.

I’d like to ask something again.
From my uploaded picture.

Top(image) is Community Version. [Dark Theme]
My first question is how to know what is version of bottom [Light Theme]?

and my second question about community version / and version in first question
It’s is version of UiPath license or Orchestrator license ?

Sorry to bother you but I’m really confuse about this.

Thanks again.


The bottom one looks like an old orchestrator…is it on prem orchestrator? Mostly that is an enterprise license as you can see the license code on the top…for enterprise only we would have that displayed

See orchestrator is something that is like a place where you can manage things…once you create an account…which ever license it is you will have orchestrator available for you…but depending on the license that you use…different options on orchestrator are available…

Example.community version does not have ai centre …it does have only one license for bots…

On the other hand if you want to use ai centre then you need enterprise license first…and on top of it you can buy whatever license that you want…

Hope this is clear



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