What is limit of smtp gmail

What is limit of smtp gmail in uipath

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SMTP mail activity includes only SEND SMTP Mail activity which doesn’t have any limitation

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I got a error that smtp limit reached

Whats the Port and Server value you are using for Gmail SMTP?

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If possible can I have a view in the property panel of smtp Mail activity
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Hi @Sheeraz_Areeb,

This problem arises due to following reasons.

  1. Default Timeout for Sending SMTP email is 30 Seconds. There might the attachment size is too high, so it will take a bit longer to upload.
    Solution: Try Increase the Timeout Values

  2. There is a limit for the size of uploading files. It depends upon the email service providers. If it’s over the size you will get an error.
    Solution: Send attachment file as per the email service provider’s attachment size limit.

Send the exception screenshot for more explanation @Sheeraz_Areeb

I am facing the same issue. Could you solve the problem?