What is instance cache period

What is instance cache period and what is the main purpose of it.
where we use it…
In the default value of 3000 ms , what is ms?

Hi @anjani_priya

  • In UiPath, the “Instance Cache Period” is a configuration setting related to the Orchestrator component, which is a part of the UiPath automation platform.

  • Specifically, it refers to the duration (measured in milliseconds, denoted as “ms”) for which certain information about Orchestrator instances is cached.

  • The primary purpose of the Instance Cache Period in UiPath Orchestrator is to optimize performance by caching data related to Orchestrator instances. This cached data includes information about Robots, Environments, and Processes, among other things.

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InstanceCachePeriod - How long to keep the Excel process alive after all child activities are executed. The default value is 3,000 ms. When the activity is used inside a loop (for example, in a For Each activity) or when multiple Excel Application Scope activities are used consecutively, this prevents errors that can be caused by the Excel process shutting down while opening the next file. To shut Excel down as fast as possible, set the value to 0


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