What is imports?


I would like to ask what imports are in studio.

I understand what variables and arguments are but need more clarification on what exactly imports are.

Thank you!

@sk1412p Refer below link

About Imported Namespaces

Thank you for the link but I am not sure what Namespaces are.

Thank you!

@sk1412p Before Importing Namespace

                                       **After Importing Namespace**

Before importing System.Text.RegularExpression we cannot use Regex.Match Method

Here System is a namespace (that is used to logical division of class)
Regex is a Class
Match is a method

Check attached file for reference RegexExample.xaml (5.4 KB)


Thank you for your help.

So I understand how after importing System.Text.RegularExpression, we can use Regex.Match method so namespace is something that facilitates the use of data?

I want to know what exactly namespace/imports are. Thank you

@sk1412p Follow this link