What is Global Exception Handler in UiPath Studio|#GlobalHandler|#RPA


The Global Exception Handler is a type of workflows like Sequence, Flow Chart and State Machine designed to determine the Bot’s behaviour when encountering an exception. Only one Global Exception Handler can be used per Bot.

The Global Exception Handler has two default arguments i.e. errorInfo and results, that should not be removed.

errorInfo : errorInfo is an argument with the direction set as In and it stores information about the exception that was thrown by the workflow that failed. The desired error level to be logged can be set in the Log Message activity.

result : the result is an argument with the direction set as Out and it is used for determining the next behaviour of the process when it encounters an exception similar to Catch Exception. The following values can be assigned to the result argument:

· Continue - The exception is re-thrown. Similar to retry.

· Ignore - The exception is ignored, and the execution continues from the next activity.

· Retry - The activity which threw the exception is retried. Use the RetryCount method for errorInfo to count the number of times the activity is retried.

· Abort - The execution stops after running the current Global Exception Handler as soon as Bot encounters an Exception

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Hello, thanks for the sharing. Here I have one question related the handler. When I ran the “step into”, it shows as the picture. May I know if you know the answer to solve this problem ?