What is equivalence to Uipath of BluePrism Pattern in the screenshot?


I am trying to build robust automations using browsers and desktop applications. I have Blueprism background. Back in days we used to build objects like below screenshot. They were pretty robust, it always waited for the related field, button or any region, afterwards took related action.

How can I build such robust activities in Uipath in terms of Best Practices?

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Wait stage in BluePrism is kind of similar to Element Exist activity in UiPath. It waits till a element is loaded and you can set the timeout by yourself. It gives you a boolean as output. Just check the boolean with an if condition. If the boolean equals false just use the throw activity to throw an exception.

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Hi @umutalihan

You can use the on element appear, wait element vanish, element exists activities to check for elements on screen and wait until a element is loaded on the screen to continue with the process…

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thank you for responses!

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