What is difference between UiPathStudioSetup.exe and UiPathStudio.msi

Can someone tell me what are difference between UiPathStudioSetup.exe and UiPathStudio.msi and what should i use?

Either one is fine. For more on the differences, see below:


Hi @pankajs3

You can always reference our quick FAQ here:

Actually i am not getting uipath documentation. So can some one can tell me difference between UiPathStudioSetup.exe and UiPathStudio.msi in simple way?

From the post I added

“The concern raised in this question is so minor it’s negligible. Both will work fine with single computers, and they both function without issue. It is easier to decide based on what installer is available instead of allowing outside factors to complicate the issue. The choice could be made by a factor outside of user control such as download speeds compared to file sizes.”

Really, it’s just a difference in the way the GUI looks when you install. Either one is fine.

what is mean by User Mode Robot

From the link below:

" User Mode Robot

The User Mode Robot is best suited in attended automation scenarios. It runs under the user that installed it, and has the exact rights as that particular user. The Robot Tray or Agent Desktop is automatically launched when a process is started."

if i want to install unattended Robot then which installer should i use?



The UiPathStudioSetup.exe file allows you to install Studio and a User Mode Robot


The UiPathStudio.msi file allows you to install the Robot and Studio

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The MSI will be fine for unattended bots.

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How can i install my specific version uipath?
If i want to install 2019.4.3. So how can i get this one?

To get an older version, you will have to contact our technical support.

I don’t have any license key so how can i contact technical support. Because Technical support form ask for activation key.
I have requirement of Community version 2019.4.3.

Without having new email id, only one email id that is already being used by uipath registration. how can i install uipath in my machine.

The older installers are only available to customers who own an Enterprise license.

There is no Community Edition with that version. The Studio and Robot Community Edition is always auto-updated to the most recent version (so even if you had an older CE .exe installer, it would auto-update your version to the latest 20.3.0 when you first launch it).

If we want to install UiPathStudio.msi we need a Licence , so better use UiPathStudioSetup.exe community version