What is certificate signing for orchestrator

I want to put my project to run in the orchestrator and I have some doubts can you help me?

how do i get this certificate and date/time stamp applicator

Hi @william_emanoel

You can refer from the below information
Point N8


Basically you will create a certificate that let the user who install your package that it is a trusted source, you should create your certificate and then upload it

Remember that all of those fields are optionally


Certificate signing for Orchestrator refers to the process of obtaining a digital certificate from a trusted certificate authority (CA) and configuring it in your Orchestrator setup. This certificate is used to establish secure communication channels between different components of Orchestrator, such as the web interface, API, and robots.

When you sign the Orchestrator certificate, it provides several benefits:

  1. Authentication: The certificate allows the Orchestrator server to verify its identity to clients and vice versa. It ensures that the communication is encrypted and secure.
  2. Trustworthiness: By obtaining a certificate from a trusted CA, you ensure that the certificate is issued by a reputable entity. This helps establish trust between the Orchestrator server and clients, such as web browsers or robots.
  3. Data Integrity: The certificate includes a digital signature that ensures the integrity of the data being transmitted. It helps detect any tampering or modification of the data during transmission.

To enable certificate signing for Orchestrator, you typically follow these steps:

  1. Generate a certificate signing request (CSR) from your Orchestrator server.
  2. Submit the CSR to a trusted CA for signing.
  3. Receive the signed certificate from the CA.
  4. Import the signed certificate into the Orchestrator server.
  5. Configure Orchestrator to use the imported certificate for secure communication.

The exact process may vary depending on your specific Orchestrator version and setup. It’s important to follow the documentation provided by UiPath or consult with your organization’s IT team to ensure the correct configuration and setup of the certificate for Orchestrator.

By enabling certificate signing for Orchestrator, you enhance the security and trustworthiness of the communication channels, protecting sensitive data and ensuring secure interactions between Orchestrator components.