What is best way to handle - reading an excel

I have an activity that will go into my exchange and save an attachment to a specified folder. the attachment is always an excel.

There are 2 types of excels that it could be. 1 has ‘No Data Available’ in A1 and the other is a table starting in A1 that reads ‘firstname’.

i want to do an if activity that states if the A1 value = No Data Available, end process else insert excel table into SQL database.

i am able to do the insert no issues, i just don’t know how to get the robot to read the excel and determine if A1 says No data available.

use read range - not this one for excel but other worksheet activities read it to Var then:

  1. if dt.rows.count >0

i actually used an excel application scope, used a read cell which outputs to a variable. it allowed me to then use an If statement with the condition of checking the variable.

its ok to do like you but its not best way to do it within excel application scope :slight_smile: and reading whole table is safer then only one cell :slight_smile:

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