What is a robot and why do I need it?

Can anyone explain me what a robot is and why I need it? After creating the workflow and hitting on “run” the program works, I get the desired results. Why should I publish that? What is the difference of a robot to the “run” button???

Hi @Mariele_Oosting,

Think of UiPath Robot as

  • PDF reader
  • run many times

UiPath Studio

  • PDF writer
  • build one time


  • PDF file
  • transfer your RPA script from Studio to Robot

The licensing cost is different for Robot and Studio

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You can get .Nupkg file by publishing process. And robot can run process by it.
You don’t have to install studios every other PC to run processes,
but you have to install robots and .nupkg files to run processes.

hi @Mariele_Oosting,

  1. You create the Workflow is Studio . When you hit the Run Button - Who will execute the Code - The answer is uiRobot . So whenever we trigger a Process - UiRobot is Responsible for running the Code .

  2. Why should you publish that ?
    Now when you are running the Process - It is running on your local machine. If I want to Run it on different machine - There I need Orchestrator to Run it. So I Publish it and leverage all benefits of Orchestrator . Have aread about Orchestrator.

  3. What is the difference Robot and Run Button.

UiPath Robots enable you to execute automated projects on any machine, with or without human supervision.

Run Button - Tells the UiRobot installed of the machine to execute the process for which you have triggered Run Button.



Hello Mukesh,
o.k., wonderful explanation. I now got it. Thank you!

Hello GreenTea,
thank you for the explanation. This is an interesting alternative point of view. And especially thank you for the information about the cost.

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