What is a Modern Folders?

UiPath licensing assists the customer to leverage the license type based on the scenario they are trying to automate, let’s say if you are using a Modern folder, we recommend using Machine template instead of Standard machines to address Dynamic allocation scenarios. However, you may still opt to use Standard machines to connect the Robots with Orchestrator.

What is a Modern Folders ?

About Folders.

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Modern Folders is a feature in UiPath Orchestrator that allows for the creation of logical groupings of robots and processes, making it easier to manage and deploy automation workflows. Modern Folders provide an enhanced way to structure automation projects, allowing for more flexibility and control over the automation processes.

In Modern Folders, the robots and processes are organized in a hierarchy based on the user’s organizational needs, making it easier to manage large-scale automation projects. Users can also configure different access permissions for different folders, enabling them to control who can access and manage the robots and processes within each folder.

Modern Folders provide a more streamlined and efficient way to manage automation projects, which helps to improve productivity and reduce costs.

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Please check this

Modern folders are where you can have hierarchical folder structure …

And coming to machine templates…we can create a machine tempate and can be used across users…if we create a standard machine then it is coupled to a specific user…these are some nee features available with modern folders

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Could you show the modern folder? If you have . or How to create that?


Currently in your orchestrator the folders that you see are the modern folders itself…You can add new folders if needed there itself

Click on Tenants → folders → new folder

To create sub folder …click on more options → Sub folder

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we found the solution due to the comment from raja.arslankhan Thank you.

This link 2020.10.1 show

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