What is a Floating Robot and How do I setup

What is a floating robot and how do I setup?

Prior to the "Floating Robot" feature if one wants to have attended robot on three different machines then one had to create three standard robot configurations in Orchestrator's robot page as follows: 
1) User1↔Machine1   (User1 must connect to Orchestrator on Machine1 using Machine Key of Machine1 to use this robot)

2) User2↔Machine2  (User1 must connect to Orchestrator on Machine2 using Machine Key of Machine2 to use this robot)

3) User1↔Machine3  (User1 must connect to Orchestrator on Machine3 using Machine Key of Machine3 to use this robot)

With Floating Robots we have added concept of Machine templates to represent the concept of a user being able to execute a robot on any machine.  Only one floating robot needs to be defined in Orchestrator and the Machine is not specified.
1) User1  (User1 must connect to Orchestrator on any machine using Machine Key of a Machine Template to use this robot).

It is -REQUIRED- that the user & machine which one plan to use is domain joined.  The machine must be joined to a domain, and the user that will be used is also joined to that domain.  The Orchestrator steps are as follows:

  1. Create a Machine Template
  2. Create a Floating Robot with the following exact syntax:   domain\username
  3. Log onto Orchestrator onto the domain-joined machine with the domain-joined user and then connect robot to Orchestrator (either using uirobot.exe console command or through the system tray).