What if we give range like only cell number?

There are many activities which use range.

If I put there only cell number, what it would do?
like “a4” not “xx:xx”.

If anyone can give me an example it would be great using lookup range activity.


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Fine @blacksundar

–First if we use read range activity and if the range is mentioned as “A4”
it will start to read from A4 cell to till the last cell value

–Then if this is mentioned lookup range activity, which usually has three inputs to be given
where the OUTPUT would be the cell name like “A2”,“B3”,are some other, which is based on the value given as input that lies within the range given as input,
so if we mention only the range as A4 the output would be the same, as a string "A4"
and it wont make any big difference

I would suggest you to mention the range value when especially using Lookup range activity in a complete range value like “A4:E4” or any value in a range not a cell position itself, as our ultimate aim of using this activity is to get the CELL POSITION of the value within the range, where both value and range are given as input and that should be complete buddy…
for example and more info

Hope this would help you
Cheers @blacksundar


It will work and will start read data from A4 cell till the end.

If you want to read data from particular cell then use Read Cell activity instead of Read Range activity.

Please check below thread.

still any issues buddy @blacksundar

Thank you so much @Palaniyappan.

If the range is “A4” so will it go to 3rd row or not?

because when I used same in lookup range(“A4”), there was no match after 4th row, but it returned 3rd row value. how ?

that was the main doubt I had in my mind.

Thank you so much @lakshman but I’ve doubt about the range, please see further comments by me.

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Sure Bro, Please find the exact video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5-UMlh2EWY