What I need to do before start implementing a Robot on Customer Side

Hi Good guys,

I am doing research before starting to implement Robot on the customer side. I have a few questions regarding this.

  1. what is the recommendation of robot type? why? (many people recommend is use unattended)
  2. If I choose attended Robot, does this robot can connect to Orchestrator? if can, why? regarding RPA Glossary, it’s never mentioned.
  3. How many licenses I need to have ? as I understanding, 2 license is enough, UiPath Studio and Robot License.
  4. what license I can use for developing, testing and production?

I am very appreciate if some can help me to answer this.


  1. It depends on how would you use the Robot to run your process.
  • Unattended Robot can be scheduled from Orchestrator to run at a certain time/day/week etc. Also you can start a process on an Unattended Robot directly from Orchestrator without having to be logged into the machine that the Robot is running.
  • Attended Robot can only start to run processes after a human user intervention. It can be connected to Orchestrator (because it can make use of Assets, Queues, it takes it’s license directly when connecting to Orchestrator, you can monitor there how many Robots of each type you have etc)
  1. If you need only 2, one for development and one for production, then yes.
  2. There are different license types: for development you will need Studio, for the rest Robot license. Please contact sales in order to have a detailed answer regarding this matter: https://www.uipath.com/contact-sales-partnerships

Hi @Ovi,

Thanks for your fast reponse. but regarding this information below:

That is clear said that Attended robot cannot start a process from the Orchestrator. could you confirm this?

for the best development as your opinion, how many license I need ?

don’t worry, we already UiPath Sales for further information regarding pricing.


Yes, it’s what I said about, can only run after someone clicks “Run”.

As many as your developers.

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Hi @Ovi,

Thank you so much your answered, it’s make me clear not what mean between attended and unattended.


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Hi Ovi,

Do you mean with “attended” bot, if I connect to Orchestrator, I don’t have to purchase a OC license?
Or is the OC license fee the same as for “unattended” bot?