What happens when there are multiple matches to a regular expression?

So if I have this regular expression: \s-(\S+.\S+).*\s
and the sample text:

08/02/2017 10/02/2017
Check -55.18
10/25/2017 11/02/2017
Check -94.88

When I assign a variable to the match of the regular expression it returns the first number(-55.18), but since there are 2 matches does it put the matches into an array? Would it if I assign it to an array variable?

You can use Matches Activity where it will store all the matches into an IEnumerable which is collection. You can use the same collection in for each
Main.xaml (7.0 KB)


Thanks for the help, Iā€™m getting an error when I try to open the file. What packages are you using?

Search for Matches Activity, it is present in UiPath.Core Package