What happens when i enable Read only and Auto save in Excel application scope at the same time

Hi. I am opening an excel file in more than one bot.

What would be the implications/problems if i enable both “Auto Save” and “Read Only” in excel application scope?


Hi @SudhakarAs92

AutoSave - Automatically saves the workbook on each change caused by an activity. If disabled, the changes will not be saved when the execution of the Excel Application Scope ends. By default, this checkbox is selected.

Read-Only - Opens the specified workbook in Read-Only mode. Selecting this check box enables you to perform data extraction operations in an Excel file which is locked for editing or has an edit password. By default, this check box is not selected.

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I guess it won’t open in other system.

For suppose, one excel file is in shared folder. one user opened the file and working on that. If other user trying to open the same file then it will show like file got locked by other user.


Does it save(auto-save) the file even if opened in Read-Only mode?

Would you rather not open, read and write it to google sheets or SharePoint List?

Otherwise, you can try to read it and push it as a transaction to run multiple bots while performing a type of load-balancing.