What happens if the pick branch inside parallel activity don't find a trigger?


Hello all. Let me explain the scenario.

we have develop multiple workflows which are very big. Unexpected popups occurs in multiple applications at any time when we run the workflows. we need a common solution which we can implement in all the projects. I have two questions now

  1. Is it possible to take a screenshot on whatever popup that appears and send it to the support team in a mail so that they can take desired action.
    2.If step 1 is not possible, we have the screenshots of all the popups already occurred, now since the popup occurs unexpectedly at any point of time, atleast is it possible with these screenshots to send a mail to support team if popup appears but the condition is we should not modify the main workflow because it will be a lot of time consuming work of do it individually in all the workflows.We actually need a common workflow solution which we shall implement in all the projects, like a parallel, pick branch etc…correct me if I am wrong.


Hi there @Varshini,
Using the ReFramework, the functionality to take screenshots upon failure already exists.

I would recommend utilising this, as it handles various factors for you, not only Exception screenshots.

In addition, you could extend upon this, having those Emails immediately sent to support.

With that said, I would recommend just pinging support an Email upon failure, and point them towards the folder, not necessarily sending the images.

Thanks in advance,