What does this error mean?

I am getting this error. What does this actually mean and how to rectify this?

It means that one of your variables is referenced but it doesn’t yet have a value. Check all of your variables to make sure that you are actually assigning them a value before using them.

Hi @Anky

This error usually occurs when any of the value assigned to the arguments is null or has no value. Make sure that all the values assigned to arguments in that workflow is assigned with values and not with null values or empty values

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Hey Anky,

as our mates correctly stated, the respective variable ( argument ) is empty. So, the question is at which point the interruption occurs.
As I suffered this issue myself too often, I can give you two strategies to fix it:

If some invoked information shall be provided by the config Excel, make sure the data are mentioned there correctly and getting invoked by the correct names and syntax, e.g.: varCredential = Config(Sha1_Credentials)

If you are in general not sure about a variable’s content, simply put a writeline activity at this point after the variable in question is getting touched. On this simple way you can check in the Output-panel pretty easy at which step an information is given or not.
When you set the writeline activity just enter your variable as input. Run the flow and check the panel (you should do this in debug mode so that you can follow the outputpanel live)

Hope that helps!:slightly_smiling_face:

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