What does these mean and what roles it plays?

Hello everyone !

Can anyone brief me the impact of setting these priority ?

My questions are :

  1. Why it is always set to inherited ?
  2. Why there are lots of priority options ?
  3. What these each priority means ?


  1. While creating a process we set a default priority…so it is always first set to inherited to get the priority of the default setting
  2. Previously there were only 3…but in latest upgrade as per need they were added
  3. As per the names and the order which you see is the priority order…basically critial is highest and lowest is the least…inherites is the default priority as mentioned in point 1

Hope this helps


I know critical is highest and then highest and then so on.
But what they actually do ? why should i need to assign them.? I know “inherit” is set by default as priority but why it is set to default what its main purpose ?

There are lots of priority why ? When i have to use Critical, Highest, Medium, lowest or inherited as priority. Why ?


Let me keep it this way…

Say two bots A and B are triggered at same time…job priorities are very high and critical…then first critical triggers

Say a bot A is busy running a job…now while the bot is running 3 bots B C D are triggered on same bot at 11 AM …11:05 Am and 11:10 Am…and the priorities are lowest, very high and medium…now the execution order once job A completes is C , D and B as per the priority…

Hope this clears why you need priority…

And you need multiple priorities because of same scenario as bots increase you might have to set different priorities to work depending on the criticality of the process…

And as priority is a default property…inherited is also added …ao that if no priority is selected exclusively then the default priority is set to the trigger created

Hope this helps


What if my all process process priority is set to “Highest”

Then they execute in based on their creation time/

The priorities just allow you to have more control over your ‘Queue’ of jobs.
Think of them like priority boarding when getting on an airplane.

The ones in the highest priority always go first, after that its ordered by creation date.

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