What does the --monitor flag in robot.exe do?


I have been looking into different ways to run the robot, particularily in a virtual machine (windows server) to see if there is any way to apply OCR tech or non-background technology on a robot started on a remote server, without orchestrator.

Running a process through the commandline with --monitor flag seems to do the trick.

Are there any consequences to doing this?
Would it be ok to run such a robot in production?
Is it meant for usage for robots requiring a GUI session?

To me it seems like it behaves the same, or similar to, as if I had manually connected the RDP session to a console session.

The documentation says: " Monitors the current Windows session and helps you prevent disconnecting events such as locking the screen. Can only be used with the -file command."

Which to me doesn’t really answer when it is ok and when it is not ok to use it and if there are any consequences.

Thanks for all help you may provide!