What does aaname *:? do

I am learning about Uipath from the academy, and one of the first tasks is to build a system which will google the time in Bucharest. After I have recorded it, I use the Selector Editor to change “aaname 12.55” to “aaname *.??” so the time will be recorded again when the automatation runs, and not just show the time when it was first built.

My question is: why should it be “*” one place and “??” the other? Why not star in both places or question mark in both places?
And why should it only be one star, when there are two numbers to be read and changed?

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I can tell you that the character “*” means between 0 and unlimited times.
The character “?” means between 0 and 1 times.
You could remove all and leave just a single “*”

Hopefully this helps.

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The characters “*” and “?” are Regex Quantifiers.

What’s Regex or Regular Expression you say? A regular expression is a sequence of characters that define a search pattern. Or simply, a way to extract results from a larger string. (Email addresses or times).

When you have time and if you want to learn more - check out my Regex Megapost to learn the basics from scratch in 1-2 hours.


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