What do you wish you knew from the start?

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My name is Ryan and I am new to the field of RPA. I have started following the modules in the UI Path academy. I have a question for UIPath users who are further along in their journey.

What do you wish you knew from the start? What advice could you give someone new to UIPath and RPA in general which would help them?

I look forward to reading your replies, and thanks for taking the time to read my post.

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How to use the record option in the studio to create a sequence, that things saved my life so many times after I found it out haha!

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On first glance, it appears to be similar to the Record Marco feature in Excel. Thanks for your feedback MaxyArthes!

  1. The existence of tools to assess the automation feasibility and development efforts
  2. Best practices to reduce the implementation time, mainly the development time
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Hi Fer,

Thanks for your response
Where are the tools you are referring to?

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@Ryan_M, Business Training if I am not mistaken (UiPath Academy website)

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