What do you mean by correct items

Sir I am done with with assignment 1 and with no error all 13 client hash I completed but when I am submitting my assignment to academy it is saying that total items: 13 Completed items :13 Correct items 0
Why correct item is just 0

Hi @sourav_singh

It is work items based on transactions

ashwin S

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It’s because the workitems are not updated correctly as a result of the process
Kindly check them once

Cheers @sourav_singh

But as I can see while deploying my workflow and even in output it is updating correctly .can you tell me where can I find workitem whether updated or not

Is the code taken Shah website is entered correctly even with a space would lead to problems
Cheers @sourav_singh

Yeah sha1online website address is very correct .

No buddy I meant the hash code
And also the client name, is all meant UI Ed correctly without any space between
Use .Trim while concatenating the string

Check once with the Document provided before the process development
It would guide you in right way and in more detailed way

Cheers @sourav_singh

this workflow system ecract client information is correct

What was the comments section in the Update Work item updated with ? Please check if it has the hash code generated by SHA1

MADAM that is my issue where can find the update hash code as a comment in https://acme-test.uipath.com/work-items/555485 IN MY workflow everything working correctly .

in comment section i am getting sha1 result : nsndglcjhjhwebfngweljhyvcncsvjhvsamn as hash code