What do in input in selector to open other application?

Hello Experts,

I am new to UIPath and creating a Robot to open application, and have got stuck in “selector” in Open Application activities.


Check this documentation :

I have checked that doc earlier, and couldn’t get what input should be there in properties “selector”

For better understanding go through this video.

UiPath Selectors: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL41Y-9S9wmyJDvFI2_cJu8LB3FmJSqO9k


If you want to open the notepad application using Open application activity, you need to open it manually and indicate it by clicking on the “Indicate on screen” line which is there when you drag open application. It will automatically choose the selector and file.

Thanks, this is the good option (or workaround) but i wanted to open through selector…

thanks, will go through and get back if facing issue…

Hi @Ashik_Khan
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if we want to open a application by using selector
we can use open application activity
–there we got an option to choose the application that we want to open with INDICATE WINDOW ON SCREEN, with which you can indicate the application you want to select, which would in turn gets the selector of that application, so the selector property will get filled with xml nodes and the Filename property will also get populated with the file path of application .exe file
So this gets selected with the selector and opens as well with the same
Cheers @Ashik_Khan

I have tried, by taking screen shot it works…what if i want to run the same in other PC then it will not work…

Got the same problem. I have to run the application on a other pc with a diifferent app path. Anyone got a solution?