What Do I use to have the loading elements spinner as a selector

So I Am trying to create a loop where it searches for the loading spinner and if found it moves down a page. Is this the most efficient way and when all the information doesn’t load and whats the handle needed to add as a selector.

[WEBSITE HERE TO FIND HANDLE](https://www.tui.co.uk/destinations/packages?airports%5B%5D=&units%5B%5D=ESP%3ACOUNTRY&when=08-10-2020&flexibleDays=3&flexibility=true&noOfAdults=2&noOfChildren=0&childrenAge=&duration=7115&searchRequestType=ins&searchType=search&sp=true&multiSelect=true&room=&isVilla=false#0b97c87f38c7504715a8cc7b535d3e8ccc7559fe)

I have used inspect element and tried using the following as a selector

The selector is loading spinner but not sure in how to add this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

have a look here as we worked already on this

I did see this post but its done by URL, usually by current date but wont work now due to no travel but I would preferably like it where looks for the loading spinner

I didnt get you.
but i do feel that page is changed now compaired to the days as we worked on
but now with click on load more and same check if we reached the end retrieval should be possible

do you think different?

Yes you are correct but, a way I found was retry scope pg down but its not efficient coding. I still have this same trouble @mattp where I would just like to know the loading spinner selector code

@Stabbathehut, @mattp
Perfect lets sit together tomorrow and we will work out a solution. I will have a look on it, otherwise ping and remind me. Thanks

Sounds good thanks!

I rechecked the demo from here TUI Scrape data until no more search results and it was doing the scrolling down

There is another spinner shown by clicking on your link.

Catching this Spinner was trickiy, due

  • page is in a preload state and confuses the UiPath Selectors
  • spinner is not displayed immeadiately and confuses element exists

I did a small RnD and can react on this by:

  • for each loop configured to n iterations
  • check if spinner is displayed by fine tuning element exists on ready level and timeout
  • once the spinner was found and in a later iteration not exists the loop will be stopped with a break

Find demo here:
Tui_StartSpinner.xaml (9.0 KB)

Kindly note: this was a RnD just get proved that the right spinnerimage was handled. Some other RnDs e.g. on the url provoking this spinner (cookie info) maybe helpfully as a clear definition of your flow

I don’t use firefox and would really like to get this working within chrome that is the main issue apologies